What is Upwork?

Is Upwork a legit way to make money online? Personal review from a Freelancer


Name: Upwork

Website: Upwork.com

Price: Free to join

Owner:  Stratis Karamanlakis, Odysseas Tsatalos

Score: 70 out of 100


What is Upwork?

Upwork is a global freelancing company formely knows as Elance-Odesk, based out of San Francisco California. Upwork is platform that allows clients to hire and work with freelancers remotely through the platform. With Upwork you can either hire a freelancer or look for online job opportunities as a freelancer.


While doing some research online I ran into Upwork which I have never heard of before at the time, it seemed like a very interesting platform so I signed up as a freelancer. I figured it could be a good way to earn some extra money online. It’s pretty easy to set up an account they ask for basic information and you choose what kind of work you would like to do they have a wide range of different job categories to choose from like blog writing,database administration, web content and a lot more.


Easy to Navigate Platform




I really like the concept of Upwork it is a good platform where you can find some talented indivduals with that said you can also run into some not so talented individuals as well. If you are looking to hire a freelancer it can be tricky because you do not know if you’re going to get what you are looking for. You can hire a freelancer that is charging 50 dollars and get a better result from the freelancer that is charging 25 dollars. You can kind of look at their track record but that is all you have to go by.


Upwork is a good opportunity to earn some extra money as a freelancer, although Upwork charges 20 percent fee of the jobs for the first $500 you make, the amount drop down to 10 percent then 5 percent once you have reached a certain amount of earnings.




Final Verdict

I would recommend Upwork as a freelancer, you can definitely make some extra money on your spare time. You do pay Upwork a fee on each job you do but you sign up for free and some of the jobs you get to make a proposal on how much you want charge.


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