What is Global MoneyLine?

Is Global money legit or is it a scam? Find out What Global Moneyline is all about.

Global moneyline traffic leads to sales
There have been a lot of hype about Global Moneyline all over the internet, so I finally decided to give this product a shot to see what it’s all about. The first thing I notice about Global Moneyline is that there is not much background information on the company for some reason all of Global moneyline background information is private so there is no way of knowing who is behind this company. I found this skeptical but maybe there is reason?

While doing my research on Global MoneyLine I ran into a lot of reviews promoting the company, it’s an attractive system if you have an online business you would definitely be curious.

Here’s how the Global Money line system works

The only way to sign up with Global Moneyline is you have to be referred/introduce to the product by someone(if you’re interested in trying it out you can sign up for free here). Your referrer/sponsor will be in your upline, when you join Global moneyline as a free member you clinch a spot in the system so anyone that joins after you is in your down line and you will be able to contact anyone in moneyline directly. You can message them and promote your business/product to them etc.

That aspect of the business seems like a good idea but you really are just pitching to other Marketers out there, can you get some leads from it? Probably but I don’t think you will get much even if you message 20,000 people in your down line your conversion rate will  probably be low.

Once you sign up for free your money line starts to build up from all the people that joined after you. I remember signing up for free and without doing anything for 3 weeks my money line had over 20,000 people that joined after me, this is a very new company but it is growing fast by the day.

The free membership allows you to message one person at a time. If you upgrade to bronze you pay a one time $20 dollar fee and you will be able to message 20 people at a time. There’s a silver, gold and platinum  membership that allows you to message up to 250 people at a time.

What Global moneyline mostly focus on is getting people to sign up for the program. When you sign up you will have an affiliate link so you basically promote global moneyline and get paid through what seems to be a pretty lucrative MLM system if you can get people to sign up, for me personally I am not a big fan of products that focuses on recruiting. This kind of system works for a lot of people but I have never really been interested in opportunities like this.


You can actually make a lot of money with this system if you can recruit people. I like the fact that you can actually contact and get some leads from people in your moneyline, you can get some exposure from this platform although the conversion rate might not be very high.


Final Verdict

Is Global Moneyline a scam? I would say no. It is MLM marketing and the system  emphasizes on recruiting but you can actually earn from this product if you can get people to sign up. What I like about it is the opportunity to promote your product even though the chance of you converting might be low you can still have some exposure if you are looking to generate leads.

Feel free to try it out for yourself if you have any questions leave me a comment below
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