What is Amazon Associate about?

Is the amazon associate program legit? What is Amazon Associate About? Here is my personal review

Name: Amazon Associate

Price: Free

Website: Affiliate-program.amazon.com

Score: 85 out of 100




Introduction To Amazon Associate


What is Amazon Associates?


Amazon Associate is an affiliate marketing program that allows website owners and bloggers who signs up with the affiliate program to earn commission by referring customers to purchase products from Amazon.com by advertising on their blogs and websites.


Amazon Associates can advertise a product on their webpage by using a unique link, people follow the link to Amazon and the associate can earn up to 15% on commission when customers make a purchase.




How does it work?


It is a very simple process. Amazon provides you with several ways to link to Amazon.com from your site. You can add links or shopping adds to blog or webpage for millions of products.

You can link to a specific product from Amazon your link will include your Associate ID and you get paid for sales coming through your product link/ text link .


You can also use the Amazon graphical banners. Amazon offer different size and shape graphical banners that you can promote. They are very easy to add to your website or blog  and you earn the referral commission for every qualifying purchase that generates from your banner.


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Pros and Cons


  • Free to join
  • Easy to use
  • Access to millions of Amazon products
  • Endless earning possibilities


  • Very low commission starting at 4% (can earn up to 15%)
  • 180 days from sign to make a referral sale or your Associate access can be withdrawn



Anyone can benefit from this program. In order to be successful with Amazon associate you have to be creative on how you advertise products to your customers. Although the commissions are not very high, there is a high earning potential through volume, promoting high price items and if you can create a high amount of traffic to your blog or website.

You can create a website solely based on one product and if you can attract the right traffic to your websites you can really build a business with this program.  (Create a Free website here)


Final Verdict

I definitely recommend joining the Amazon Associate program. It has a lot of earning potential, you just have to be creative and find the right way to use it. It might take sometime and work to earn anything  if you’re just starting but if you can create a website that bring in decent traffic you’re in business, besides it’s free you have absolutely nothing to lose.


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