The 4 hour work week

The 4 hour work week

The 4-hour workweek
The audio book that change the way I look at the normal day life.

A 4 hour work week sounds good doesn’t it? Well this book will help you understand exercises that can make a 4 hour work week very well possible. This book will change a lot of your perspectives on how you see your normal day life. It is an absolute eye opener.

I was introduce to this book by a good friend of mine. We woke up to our Sunday morning tradition of  eating breakfast and slumping around on the couch at my house he asked me if I have you ever heard of an audio book called “The 4 hour work week”. At the time I have never heard of it before and he suggested for me to check it out.

He and I share the same entrepreneurship mindset, free spirited and a lot of times we share the same aspect on life so I knew right away when he mentioned it to me I had to check it out. He sends me a link to listen to  the audiobook and I was a bit curious about it especially since the name of the  book sounded a little bit familiar to me. I figured I could listen to it on my normal commute to the place I hate the most, which place do you ask? oh yeah it’s the place I go to work. That should not be a surprise  since over 70% of US workers hate their jobs.

After listening to the book I develop a different level of hatred for the regular 9 to 5 work week. I’m not going to ruin it for you but this book give you a different perspective on how we live our day to day lives. If you are an entrepreneur or ever curious about entrepreneurship please give this a listen.

Click below  for the audio book link if anyone is interested in reading it. You get it here for free with this 30 days  trial and you will be able to get a second book free during the 30 days.

After you click the link it will take you to the Amazon audible site, click on the start free trial and sign up you can cancel at any time . After you sign up just  type “The 4 hour work week” in the search bar. Leave a comment and let me know what you think.