Is legal shield a scam?

Is legalshield a legit company? Is Legal shield a pyramid scheme? Here is my personal review on Legal Shield


Name: Legal Shield


Price: $99 to Join

Owner: Harland Stonecipher

Score: 40 out of 100


Introduction to Legal Shield

What is Legal Shield?

Legal Shield is a Multi Level Marketing company that sells legal service for a small monthly fee. If you decide to join there program you can begin selling membership to people and earn commission. The company changed the name from Prepaid Legal to Legal Shield in 2o11.



Legal Shield/Prepaid Legal Services

I first found out about legal shield close to 10 years ago. They were called Prepaid Legal at the time. I was introduced by a mutual friend, I remember How excited he was explaining it to me. I was skeptic about it. He offered to pay for my membership to start because he believed in the product, with nothing to lose I decided to try it out.

So I joined Legal Shield aka “Prepaid Legal”at the time. My mutual friend explained how the system works. He literally almost drew a Pyramid where you have a team on one “Leg” and another team on the other, he broke down the earning potential and the benefits of recruiting the “right people” to build this “dream team”. Also was equipped me with some literature and DVDs explaining more about it.

I remember doing some training and I remember how most of the training was solely on getting recruits and how briefly they went over the product. My Mutual friend was paying for my membership for months and I felt horrible not being able to get a sale, it was very hard to sale the product. You can make the product sound appealing but it simply was not a good product that people are interested. People would cancel the service left and right for different reasons, reasons like having to pay additional attorney fees when they  thought they were completely covered under the plan, Legal shield fail to explain that there service just provides legal advice, they continuously provide wrong information about their product. They do not provide enough information about their plan limitations.


I recently been reintroduced to Legal Shield again this year by one the barbers at my barbershop. He presented it to me as Legal Shield, at first I thought it was a different business opportunity but once he got into details it sounded more and more familiar. When he started telling me more and explain this business opportunity that’s when I found out it was Prepaid Legal that changed the name to Legal Shield. I quickly opted out of his offer and told him I was not interested.


Pros and Cons



  • Unlimited Access to Legal Advice



  • Expensive to Join
  • High cancellation rate
  • Very Limited service
  • Only provide Legal Advice, No court Representation
  • Income is based on the amount of people you recruit
  • Hard to cancel membership, they do not make it easy when you want to cancel your service a lot of people still get charged monthly even after they cancel your service.



Is Legal shield a scam? In my opinion, Yes. Why? because your income is solely based on the amount of people you recruit. Bad business opportunity.

The service they offer in the other hand is only good for advice, not really worth it to me if they can’t represent you in court.

Final Verdict

Will I recommend it to anyone? Absolutely not, especially not for the business opportunity. If you are looking for just the service it’s okay but I still believe there’s better business opportunities out there.