Best way to make extra money online

What’s the best way to make money online?



There are many different ways you can actually earn money online these days. I am going to give you some tips and  focus on one simple way you can make some extra money with spending little to no money. It’s going to take sometime and effort but once it is set maintaining it will be much easier and hopefully you will see extra money coming your way each month.


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To start, like most online businesses you are going to need a website. It is not very complicated to build a website these days you can build a website here in a just few minute for free hosted by Wealthy Affiliate, I really recommend using Wealthy Affiliate If you are new to online marketing and you are not sure how to use Keywords and SEO you can learn step by step on how it all works with the courses they offer, you will learn  how to generate good traffic to your website and with great traffic means more revenue.

What is your favorite passion or hobby?

The next thing you should do is to think of something you are really interested in or passionate about, it could be anything like any product, sports, hobby etc… Got it? (Ideally you want to name your website something kind of related to your interest). Okay after you build your website you are going to need some content. Can you write a little bit about that thing that you enjoy? If you enjoy something it should not be too hard to write or talk about right? Now  we need some content, write naturally about that thing you like.


fishing rods on boat

So let’s say for example you love fishing and it’s your favorite hobby, you would want to write about some the best/newest fishing equipment out there or just write some tips or reviews on the equipment you personally use. You can build a lot of content from this, you can write reviews on what you think is great to use when you go fishing or things you don’t recommend at all. You should make a list of your top items you use when you go fishing like fishing poles, hooks, gear you use and make a list of some fishing equipment you don’t recommend. (This can apply to almost anything I am just using fishing as an example.)


Now write about some of your fishing experiences. Once you finish writing about them. it’s time to get to how exactly you are going to make some money online. No, you will not be selling anything directly to anyone. You are simply going to lend a hand on helping your consumer make a purchase online and earn some money while you are doing it.

Now the next thing you are going to do is sign up with the Amazon Associate program. (Check out how the Amazon affiliate program works)

(Example of the product link)

Since we are focusing on fishing equipment, go to and look up some equipment. Pick out the best fishing equipment in your opinion and write a review on these item, remember you are going to create reviews on fishing products that’s how you are going to earn money so make sure your review are easy to read and professional.



As an Amazon Associate  you can link to any product on Amazon and the products are linked to your unique affiliate ID. When you post your review of the product on your site, let’s say someone is doing a research on fishing equipment before they buy and they run into your review and click on you product link, banner or product image that’s linked to your affiliate ID when they click the link it’s going to bring them to that specific product to if they purchase the item you get a commission and if they purchase any other item while they are on you get a commission as well. The sales can really add up.


success depends on you


Once you have your site up it’s not very hard to maintain. You can really earn some extra money while you sleep. You website is up 24 hours a day so the potential of making a good income is there. Creativity with your content and reviews are important.


I hope this article can help you get started in earning some income online. If you have any questions please feel free to leave me a comment.