What is the Forex trading platform called Melius or (be)

Melius (Forex) also known as “be.” Full Review! Is Melius / *be a scam or legit? Find out why everyone is talking about this company. Clear and detailed review of what Melius is all about.

Name: Melius / be

Owner: Jeremy Prasetyo


Price: $199 intro fee for the first month ($149/month bronze pack subscription fee)

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What is the Melius Forex Trading platform about?

The word “Melius” is a Latin word meaning “to become more” and “become more” is the company’s motto and Melius is also known as “be”. Melius is a learning platform that teaches you how to trade Forex, Krypto currency , and Stocks. This E-learning platform offers courses, strategies and live trading sessions from industry experts. Melius gives the average person the ability to learn how to trade and also provides the opportunity to earn while you learn by copying trade signals from industry experts.

To understand what Melius is all about? You must understand what Forex is about.

What is Forex?

Forex is the largest financial market in the world. Forex short for Foreign exchange, is a market were various foreign currencies are traded. Trillions of dollars are traded in the Forex market daily. To help understand the whole concept of Forex I will give you an example of how it works.

When you travel outside the country and you exchange your money for that particular country’s currency you are participating in foreign exchange. Companies buy large amount of goods from other countries and in order to buy the goods they must obtain the local currency and when companies buy large amount of goods it causes the exchange rate to continuously change because there is more demands for that specific currency and when the demands increase the exchange price increases. Exchange of goods happens all around the world and that is why the exchange rates constantly moves.

Let’s say that you are traveling to Europe from the US, you will exchange the US dollar for the Euro and let’s say the Euro is stronger than the USD you will pay an exchange rate where your currency value (USD) will be less than the actual value in Europe than it would be in the states. And let’s just say that you would travel back to the US and did not spend any money while you were in Europe and the demands of Euro dollar is higher than when you got there , you would actually make money when exchanging the Euro dollar back to the US dollar just from holding the Euro because the exchange rate changed and that is how the Forex market works.

That is how we trade in the Forex market, we buy a certain amount of currency and hold onto it while the exchange rate moves then switch it back making profits exchanging the stronger currency as the exchange rate change.

How to decide exactly when to buy and sell is exactly what Melius teaches.

Now that you have and idea on what Forex is about, lets get back to Melius.

Melius provide you all the tools you would need to understand the forex market and be profitable. When you sign up for Melius you will have access to a 24 hour community of like minded traders and entrepreneurs and industry experts that will be there to assist you along the way.

You will have access to the Melius IGO trading app, trading course from beginner to expert, trading strategies, live trading sessions from professional traders.

Antonio Ferreira does a good job in this 13 minute video presentation explaining different benefits and business opportunities that Melius has to offer.

Personally my interest is in trading and improving my skills and I find a lot of value in using the iGoTrade app.

What is iGoTrade?

iGoTrade is a Melius application that you can download to your smartphone or tablet and received direct trade signals from the industry experts. The iGoTrade application allows you to learn from industry experts and earn at the same time.

I use this app and I can say the win percentage form these premium signal are 80% if not greater. I have made very profitable trades just by copying these signals. It is very simple, you get a notification of a trade through the app and you copy and paste the signal in you trading app and make profits, it is that easy. When I joined Melius I was a bit skeptical about it but I gave it a chance and I made $300 profit on the first day just following the signal that was sent on the iGoTrade app and jus like that I made more than enough to cover the $199 first month subscription fee.

Melius offers great benefits and business opportunities. When you join Melius you have the option of being a brand ambassador. This is a new company so what other way to expand other than network marketing. Melius offers a very comprehensive compensation plan when you become a brand ambassador. There is a $45 yearly fee to become an independent business owner (IBO) with the company.  


Learn how to trade Forex 

Earn while you learn 

Live trading session 

Premium trading signals 

Residual income  


Melius offers a lot of different opportunities so it can get a bit overwhelming when you are first getting started.

Pricey to get started but a very good investment.

Melius is 100% Legit

If you are looking to invest or learn how to trade , Melius is a great opportunity to multiply your income. It is by far one of the best decision and investment that I have made. Feel free to comment if you have an question.


If you are interested in joining and would like to try the Melius iGoTrade Premium trading signals. I will send these signals directly to you to try. Write a comment below or email and I will add you to are signal group so you can get an inside look of what this company is about.

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