What is Devant Travels?

Devant Travels full review! Is Devant Travels a scam or legit? Find out what the hype is all about.  Review from a member.

Name: Devant Travels

Owner: Stefan Thomas


Price: $47 (one time fee)

What is Devant Travels about?

Devant Travels is a unique business opportunity that allows you to get paid giving away vacation getaways. Some people think Devant Travels is a timeshare but it is not and does not operate like one.  If you like to travel you should definitely pay attention the information in this review.

Devant Travels  provides massive discounts on hotel, travel, dining and entertainment not available to the general public.

You can advertise vacation getaways and earn commissions when someone becomes a member. The membership fee is a one time payment of $47, which is reasonable since there is no monthly fees and the best part about it is that you get to enjoy the same benefits that you promote.  When you’re a member you will received 2 vacation getaways per month to over 3500 locations, Vegas, Cancun, NYC, Cruises so many different prime locations.

With that said I must say that the complimentary vacations are not 100% free. You do have to pay the taxes, for example if you book a 5 days vacation getaway the hotel or the resort is free but you do have to pay the daily taxes for the hotel which is usually around $19 to $33 per day.

Who doesn’t need a nice vacation getaway?

Devant travels make it so much easier to book your next getaway, the complimentary vacation getaways will  definitely have you itching to visit you’re next destination.

How does Devant Travels work?

You are probably wondering  how is the company able to giveaway complimentary trips, hotel stays and resorts? Devant Travels is an affiliate network marketing company that partners with other travel companies. Here is an example of how it works, say you want to book a trip to Cancun Mexico since Devant Travels have an affiliation with some travel companies the way they get their massive discount for the members that signs up is since these resorts are never fully booked they look through all the hotels and resorts that have vacancy and basically fill them out rather than the hotel room being vacant. Empty rooms means they are not making profit from people shopping, eating or enjoying the nightlife.

I am a member I personally think the benefits alone are just incredible. I have saved a whole lot of money through this program and also have and continue to earn commissions through this program so the fee seems such a minimal amount compare to the benefits.

You get paid directly through your paypal, you can actually get paid every single day, you earn a commission directly to your paypal  each time someone signs up. You earn even when people don’t book their trips.

Here’s some additional information on the compensation plan:


Where do I start? I absolutely love the travel benefits.

Step by step training to help you advertise.

24 hour live chat support, no monthly fees, lifetime access to benefits. You can actually email the CEO of the company directly.

Earn unlimited commissions daily.

Community support group

2 complimentary vacation getaways per month to over 3500 locations!

Massive discounts on flights, hotels, travel, entertainment and much more!


There is not too many bad things to say about this company.  I would say aside from paying the $47 fee to join, they do give you an option to have your website made for you for an additional $20. You do not have to go with that option but I highly recommend it because the website has all the information about the program and it definitely helps with explaining what Devant Travels is all about.

(You can create your own website if you would like it just take a lot more work. If you’re interested in creating your own website you can click here to create a free website.)

You can’t choose which hotel you want to stay at for the complimentary vacations because they basically fit you to whichever hotel that have vacancy. But you still get the huge savings on hotels if you’re planning to book one,  just the complimentary  vacations getaways you can’t choose the hotels.

Another issue they are currently having is the process time to get the information for your benefits to get started, but it is due to the amount of people that is joining the program. It took about 24 to 48 hours to receive the email with my information to get started after I signed up but it is a fairly new company and everything is being handled by the CEO himself, it is not easy going through 100s of emails on a daily basis. There are a lot of improvements being made and I think it’s only going to get better.

Final Verdict

Devant Travels definitely gets a thumbs up from me. It is definitely legit!  For such a small one time membership fee to received such a massive amount of benefits is worthwhile in my opinion.

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