Finding the right keyword for your website

Looking for the right keyword for your website? Here are some steps you must follow in order to succeed.

Finding the right keyword for your website is a very important aspect of your online business. As a website owner you have to understand the process of how to find the right keywords for a website.


Introducing Jaaxy

One keyword tool that I would recommend is Jaaxy. In my opinion Jaaxy is on of the most powerful Keyword tool out there. It has help me a tremendous amount with my online business.

While many other keyword tools out there are providing you with a lot of different types of data when searching for a keyword, it can get pretty confusing with all the metrics. Jaaxy has made finding the right keyword easy and simple. Jaaxy provides you with simple to read metrics.

A few things that are important to me when looking for a keyword:

  • How much traffic does the keyword get
  • How much competition does the keyword have

Jaaxy captures these 2 metrics accurately unlike a lot of the other keyword tools out there.

Here is an example below is a search for men’s tennis shoes. In the avg column you can see the average number of searches that keyword receives every month.

The next column is the average amount of traffic you will received if you achieve first page ranking in the search engines.

The next column is the QSR, which is the short for quote search result. This is an important metric that gives the number of competing websites ranked in google under that specific keyword. Even has a KQI (keyword quality indicator), another useful metric that can help you choose the right keyword.



You can try it here for free.




Important keyword tips to follow

  1. Targeting low competition keywords. Too much competition in A Keyword can affect you getting ranked in google, you will have a better chance increasing your traffic and ranking in the top pages in google with Low competition keywords. Not ranking in the top pages of google means low traffic. Jaaxy allows you to see your keyword’s QSR. (QSR known as quote search result) QSR allows you to see exact number of competing pages in google. Very useful tool. I usually aim for under 300 QSR keywords to have a better chance in ranking.
  2. Getting Traffic. You must have traffic in order for your business or blog to succeed, aiming for the high volume search keywords will not help you if you are not getting ranked. It is a lot harder to get ranked in google using high volume keywords. I usually choose a keyword that has over 50 searches per month. You will have a better chance ranking in google. Once you start ranking in some of the lower competition keywords, your organic traffic will come. These low traffic keywords add up once you start ranking.
  3. Relevant. Your keywords must make sense don’t try to target so many keywords and lose focus on your content. It must make sense to your visitors.

Want to try it for yourself?

Type any topic or theme from your website and type it in the search box below. Follow my important keyword tips you and you will see better rankings going forward.

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Breaking the 9 to 5 cycle



Escape the 9 to 5


I have always been intrigued by people breaking the normal work day cycle. Every day people are finding creative ways to create a living for themselves outside of the normal work day cycle, people are investing more in themselves finding and mastering their craft and putting it to work. Breaking out of that cycle is not easy, in my opinion building your own business and actually work for yourself is incomparable to working for a company and investing all your time and energy growing their business.

The vicious cycle

We go through this cycle of how we are expected to live our life. You go to school get an education learn a trade and find a career or job that pays your bills for the rest of your life. That is the goal. We deserve way more than that we just have to work to achieve it. There’s is nothing wrong with  having a job/career that you love. Do you actually love going to that job/career everyday? If you do that is great! And good for you, unfortunately not too many people feel that way about their job.



There are many reasons why people dislike their jobs, you can love what you do and still dislike going to work for many reasons.

  1. Supervisors/managers. I am sure a lot of us have dealt with horrible supervisors, Study has shown a great number of workers claim that their direct supervisor/managers have a significant effect on their level of engagement and satisfaction.
  2. Freedom and Time. You spend year after year working for a company and not investing much time on yourself. Imagine if you could put all that time working on your own business.
  3. .Quality time with family and love ones. This one is very important to me and I am sure it is to a lot of people out there. Many people wish they could spend more time with their families, be able to travel across the states and and connect with that long lost cousin or auntie they have not seen in years. The regular work day cycle can definitely break connections between families.


Invest in yourself

Investing in yourself is something I believe everyone should do. Why not create something for yourself and invest in starting your own business. Why not spend time finding your craft and actually put it to work? If there is something that you love to do you can create a business out of it. There is a saying that says “if you can create a business out of your passion you will not work a day in your life.”

I had my passion and did not know where to start on creating a business out of it until I found Wealthy Affiliate. It all started there for me and it has been an amazing journey. If you’re looking to start an online business even if you are not sure on what you want to start your business in. I highly recommend Wealthy affiliate.


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