What is the Forex trading platform called Melius or (be)

Melius (Forex) also known as “be.” Full Review! Is Melius / *be a scam or legit? Find out why everyone is talking about this company. Clear and detailed review of what Melius is all about.

Name: Melius / be

Owner: Jeremy Prasetyo


Price: $199 intro fee for the first month ($149/month bronze pack subscription fee)

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What is the Melius Forex Trading platform about?

The word “Melius” is a Latin word meaning “to become more” and “become more” is the company’s motto and Melius is also known as “be”. Melius is a learning platform that teaches you how to trade Forex, Krypto currency , and Stocks. This E-learning platform offers courses, strategies and live trading sessions from industry experts. Melius gives the average person the ability to learn how to trade and also provides the opportunity to earn while you learn by copying trade signals from industry experts.

To understand what Melius is all about? You must understand what Forex is about.

What is Forex?

Forex is the largest financial market in the world. Forex short for Foreign exchange, is a market were various foreign currencies are traded. Trillions of dollars are traded in the Forex market daily. To help understand the whole concept of Forex I will give you an example of how it works.

When you travel outside the country and you exchange your money for that particular country’s currency you are participating in foreign exchange. Companies buy large amount of goods from other countries and in order to buy the goods they must obtain the local currency and when companies buy large amount of goods it causes the exchange rate to continuously change because there is more demands for that specific currency and when the demands increase the exchange price increases. Exchange of goods happens all around the world and that is why the exchange rates constantly moves.

Let’s say that you are traveling to Europe from the US, you will exchange the US dollar for the Euro and let’s say the Euro is stronger than the USD you will pay an exchange rate where your currency value (USD) will be less than the actual value in Europe than it would be in the states. And let’s just say that you would travel back to the US and did not spend any money while you were in Europe and the demands of Euro dollar is higher than when you got there , you would actually make money when exchanging the Euro dollar back to the US dollar just from holding the Euro because the exchange rate changed and that is how the Forex market works.

That is how we trade in the Forex market, we buy a certain amount of currency and hold onto it while the exchange rate moves then switch it back making profits exchanging the stronger currency as the exchange rate change.

How to decide exactly when to buy and sell is exactly what Melius teaches.

Now that you have and idea on what Forex is about, lets get back to Melius.

Melius provide you all the tools you would need to understand the forex market and be profitable. When you sign up for Melius you will have access to a 24 hour community of like minded traders and entrepreneurs and industry experts that will be there to assist you along the way.

You will have access to the Melius IGO trading app, trading course from beginner to expert, trading strategies, live trading sessions from professional traders.

Antonio Ferreira does a good job in this 13 minute video presentation explaining different benefits and business opportunities that Melius has to offer.

Personally my interest is in trading and improving my skills and I find a lot of value in using the iGoTrade app.

What is iGoTrade?

iGoTrade is a Melius application that you can download to your smartphone or tablet and received direct trade signals from the industry experts. The iGoTrade application allows you to learn from industry experts and earn at the same time.

I use this app and I can say the win percentage form these premium signal are 80% if not greater. I have made very profitable trades just by copying these signals. It is very simple, you get a notification of a trade through the app and you copy and paste the signal in you trading app and make profits, it is that easy. When I joined Melius I was a bit skeptical about it but I gave it a chance and I made $300 profit on the first day just following the signal that was sent on the iGoTrade app and jus like that I made more than enough to cover the $199 first month subscription fee.

Melius offers great benefits and business opportunities. When you join Melius you have the option of being a brand ambassador. This is a new company so what other way to expand other than network marketing. Melius offers a very comprehensive compensation plan when you become a brand ambassador. There is a $45 yearly fee to become an independent business owner (IBO) with the company.  


Learn how to trade Forex 

Earn while you learn 

Live trading session 

Premium trading signals 

Residual income  


Melius offers a lot of different opportunities so it can get a bit overwhelming when you are first getting started.

Pricey to get started but a very good investment.

Melius is 100% Legit

If you are looking to invest or learn how to trade , Melius is a great opportunity to multiply your income. It is by far one of the best decision and investment that I have made. Feel free to comment if you have an question.


If you are interested in joining and would like to try the Melius iGoTrade Premium trading signals. I will send these signals directly to you to try. Write a comment below or email and I will add you to are signal group so you can get an inside look of what this company is about.

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What is Devant Travels?

Devant Travels full review! Is Devant Travels a scam or legit? Find out what the hype is all about.  Review from a member.

Name: Devant Travels

Owner: Stefan Thomas


Price: $47 (one time fee)

What is Devant Travels about?

Devant Travels is a unique business opportunity that allows you to get paid giving away vacation getaways. Some people think Devant Travels is a timeshare but it is not and does not operate like one.  If you like to travel you should definitely pay attention the information in this review.

Devant Travels  provides massive discounts on hotel, travel, dining and entertainment not available to the general public.

You can advertise vacation getaways and earn commissions when someone becomes a member. The membership fee is a one time payment of $47, which is reasonable since there is no monthly fees and the best part about it is that you get to enjoy the same benefits that you promote.  When you’re a member you will received 2 vacation getaways per month to over 3500 locations, Vegas, Cancun, NYC, Cruises so many different prime locations.

With that said I must say that the complimentary vacations are not 100% free. You do have to pay the taxes, for example if you book a 5 days vacation getaway the hotel or the resort is free but you do have to pay the daily taxes for the hotel which is usually around $19 to $33 per day.

Who doesn’t need a nice vacation getaway?

Devant travels make it so much easier to book your next getaway, the complimentary vacation getaways will  definitely have you itching to visit you’re next destination.

How does Devant Travels work?

You are probably wondering  how is the company able to giveaway complimentary trips, hotel stays and resorts? Devant Travels is an affiliate network marketing company that partners with other travel companies. Here is an example of how it works, say you want to book a trip to Cancun Mexico since Devant Travels have an affiliation with some travel companies the way they get their massive discount for the members that signs up is since these resorts are never fully booked they look through all the hotels and resorts that have vacancy and basically fill them out rather than the hotel room being vacant. Empty rooms means they are not making profit from people shopping, eating or enjoying the nightlife.

I am a member I personally think the benefits alone are just incredible. I have saved a whole lot of money through this program and also have and continue to earn commissions through this program so the fee seems such a minimal amount compare to the benefits.

You get paid directly through your paypal, you can actually get paid every single day, you earn a commission directly to your paypal  each time someone signs up. You earn even when people don’t book their trips.

Here’s some additional information on the compensation plan:


Where do I start? I absolutely love the travel benefits.

Step by step training to help you advertise.

24 hour live chat support, no monthly fees, lifetime access to benefits. You can actually email the CEO of the company directly.

Earn unlimited commissions daily.

Community support group

2 complimentary vacation getaways per month to over 3500 locations!

Massive discounts on flights, hotels, travel, entertainment and much more!


There is not too many bad things to say about this company.  I would say aside from paying the $47 fee to join, they do give you an option to have your website made for you for an additional $20. You do not have to go with that option but I highly recommend it because the website has all the information about the program and it definitely helps with explaining what Devant Travels is all about.

(You can create your own website if you would like it just take a lot more work. If you’re interested in creating your own website you can click here to create a free website.)

You can’t choose which hotel you want to stay at for the complimentary vacations because they basically fit you to whichever hotel that have vacancy. But you still get the huge savings on hotels if you’re planning to book one,  just the complimentary  vacations getaways you can’t choose the hotels.

Another issue they are currently having is the process time to get the information for your benefits to get started, but it is due to the amount of people that is joining the program. It took about 24 to 48 hours to receive the email with my information to get started after I signed up but it is a fairly new company and everything is being handled by the CEO himself, it is not easy going through 100s of emails on a daily basis. There are a lot of improvements being made and I think it’s only going to get better.

Final Verdict

Devant Travels definitely gets a thumbs up from me. It is definitely legit!  For such a small one time membership fee to received such a massive amount of benefits is worthwhile in my opinion.

Free Bonus!!

I’m willing to give away one of our incentives if anyone one wants to checks us out. You can choose from any of the incentives below for FREE!! Leave me a comment with your email or you can email me directly at Jeffrey.similien@gmail.com and I will send it to you.

2 Night Hotel Stay
3 Night Hotel Stay
4 Night Hotel Stay
2 Night Bahama Cruise
7 Night Resort Getaway (3500+ locations)
1-4 Nights Las Vegas hotel stay

Please feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions 🙂

What is so great about Wealthy Affiliate?

Why is Wealthy Affiliate the best program to start an online business? What about wealthy Affiliate that is special compare to other products out there?

Answer this question…How many programs out there would let you try out there product for free? With no money down no credit card required and even give an opportunity to create a website for free?

If you know a product that is doing that please leave it the comment below I would love to look into it. The truth is there  is not many (if any) products online that’s doing that.

Wealthy Affiliate is the only product that I have ran into online that gives an in depth look of what they are about before you decide to make a purchase that. How many times have you signed up for a program paid your money just to find out that the product is not that good or it’s not something you are really into? I know it has happened to me plenty of times.

Learn to  make money while relaxing on your couch


There is a lot of products online that are just trying to scam you out of your money. I have been scammed many times, it can be hard to detect a scam these days, scammers are getting very technical. I have seen so many products that I was interested in joining and months later after doing more research and seeing terrible reviews from people after they start to catch up with their scheme and the website just disappears with everyone’s money. Always do your research first to avoid scams.

I really look deep into any product before making a purchase and so should anyone. If it sounds to good to be true? It usually is! With Wealthy Affiliate you get what you see, you get to see exactly what it’s all about before you buy which is one of the reasons why I think it is the best product out there. Being able to try to the product for free  shows the confidence behind the product, it has nothing to hide everything is laid out in front of you to see.

I would recommend this to anyone. If you don’t want to take my word for it you can find out for yourself with out digging in your wallet.

Wealthy Affiliate Membership options

There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain. Check it out for yourself. If you know any product out there that offering a better deal than this please leave a comment below I would love to check it out.


The 4 hour work week

The 4 hour work week

The 4-hour workweek
The audio book that change the way I look at the normal day life.

A 4 hour work week sounds good doesn’t it? Well this book will help you understand exercises that can make a 4 hour work week very well possible. This book will change a lot of your perspectives on how you see your normal day life. It is an absolute eye opener.

I was introduce to this book by a good friend of mine. We woke up to our Sunday morning tradition of  eating breakfast and slumping around on the couch at my house he asked me if I have you ever heard of an audio book called “The 4 hour work week”. At the time I have never heard of it before and he suggested for me to check it out.

He and I share the same entrepreneurship mindset, free spirited and a lot of times we share the same aspect on life so I knew right away when he mentioned it to me I had to check it out. He sends me a link to listen to  the audiobook and I was a bit curious about it especially since the name of the  book sounded a little bit familiar to me. I figured I could listen to it on my normal commute to the place I hate the most, which place do you ask? oh yeah it’s the place I go to work. That should not be a surprise  since over 70% of US workers hate their jobs.

After listening to the book I develop a different level of hatred for the regular 9 to 5 work week. I’m not going to ruin it for you but this book give you a different perspective on how we live our day to day lives. If you are an entrepreneur or ever curious about entrepreneurship please give this a listen.

Click below  for the audio book link if anyone is interested in reading it. You get it here for free with this 30 days  trial and you will be able to get a second book free during the 30 days.

After you click the link it will take you to the Amazon audible site, click on the start free trial and sign up you can cancel at any time . After you sign up just  type “The 4 hour work week” in the search bar. Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

How to build a WordPress website in 30 seconds or less (for Free!)

Build your own wordpress website


To build a website these days is not as complicated as it was years ago. Building a website back then took a lot of technical knowledge with html, coding, etc. Things have drastically changed, creating a website now is very simple.

Looking to build a website? You are at the right place. I am going to show you a quick simple way to get your website started and it will be at no cost to you.


Creating a WordPress website

What exactly is WordPress? WordPress is an open source content management system, most commonly used to create websites and blogs. WordPress is the most popular tool to use to create a website, not only that it is very simple to use it is also very popular.


Lets get started


  • Sign up for free starter account Wealthy Affiliate.
  • After signing up you can create a free websites using siterubix through Wealthy Affiliate.

Here’s a video on how it all work


Wealthy Affiliate create a domain


Pretty simple right? The best part about it is that you will have unlimited access to help with the Wealthy Affiliate community, if you get stuck no problem. There’s always someone there to help you get your website up and running.

In my opinion this is the best way to get your website started, especially if you are looking to build a website for a business. The benefits of creating a website with the Wealthy Affiliate community is that you will learn how to manage you website, learn how to get it ranked in the top pages on google and you if you are building a website for a business you will learn how to target your specific audience with multiple online training courses withing the Wealthy Affiliate community.

If you have any questions please leave a comment below 🙂



WA free starter membership

What is your most valuable asset?

What  would you say is your most valuable asset?

The most valuable asset to me is time, you can not put a price on time. We can not buy more time, we can not manipulate it. We have zero control over it.

tilted hour glasss

Spend your time wisely

The time we have on this earth is precious and we should use it wisely. We should spend our time chasing our dreams and goals not just stabilize ourselves living unsatisfied.

If you are unhappy in how things are in your life it is in your hands to change it, you have the power. You have to realize that your time is important and should not live it in futility. We should evolve with time and work to improve ourselves in different ways.

Investing in yourself is very crucial and important. I believe everyone has a gift or something they are good at, find ways to activate those hidden skills and put them to work. It all starts with believing in yourself.


Start investing in yourself today…

We are so busy in our normal day to day life, we forget to give ourselves a chance or an opportunity to be great. Use some of the precious time you have and take that leap you have always been scared to take, you have nothing lose and everything to gain.

I have been scared to take that leap, the day to day life made it difficult for me to follow my dreams. I have had multiple ideas about different businesses that I wanted to start but all my energy was drained from life and could not follow through with the promises I made to myself until I found Wealthy Affiliate.

If you have a passion or something you love to do, could be anything. Wealthy Affiliate can help you turn that passion into a business.

I created my online business with Wealthy Affiliate. Even if you are new to the online world Wealthy Affiliate is the place for you, with multiple training courses, live chat, and step by step video training, you will be well on your way on learning how to build your own website start creating an online income.

Check out my review on Wealthy Affiliate and find out why this is my number 1 recommendation. Start for Free today!
Please leave a comment if you have any questions.

wealthy affiliate university

What is Global MoneyLine?

Is Global money legit or is it a scam? Find out What Global Moneyline is all about.

Global moneyline traffic leads to sales
There have been a lot of hype about Global Moneyline all over the internet, so I finally decided to give this product a shot to see what it’s all about. The first thing I notice about Global Moneyline is that there is not much background information on the company for some reason all of Global moneyline background information is private so there is no way of knowing who is behind this company. I found this skeptical but maybe there is reason?

While doing my research on Global MoneyLine I ran into a lot of reviews promoting the company, it’s an attractive system if you have an online business you would definitely be curious.

Here’s how the Global Money line system works

The only way to sign up with Global Moneyline is you have to be referred/introduce to the product by someone(if you’re interested in trying it out you can sign up for free here). Your referrer/sponsor will be in your upline, when you join Global moneyline as a free member you clinch a spot in the system so anyone that joins after you is in your down line and you will be able to contact anyone in moneyline directly. You can message them and promote your business/product to them etc.

That aspect of the business seems like a good idea but you really are just pitching to other Marketers out there, can you get some leads from it? Probably but I don’t think you will get much even if you message 20,000 people in your down line your conversion rate will  probably be low.

Once you sign up for free your money line starts to build up from all the people that joined after you. I remember signing up for free and without doing anything for 3 weeks my money line had over 20,000 people that joined after me, this is a very new company but it is growing fast by the day.

The free membership allows you to message one person at a time. If you upgrade to bronze you pay a one time $20 dollar fee and you will be able to message 20 people at a time. There’s a silver, gold and platinum  membership that allows you to message up to 250 people at a time.

What Global moneyline mostly focus on is getting people to sign up for the program. When you sign up you will have an affiliate link so you basically promote global moneyline and get paid through what seems to be a pretty lucrative MLM system if you can get people to sign up, for me personally I am not a big fan of products that focuses on recruiting. This kind of system works for a lot of people but I have never really been interested in opportunities like this.


You can actually make a lot of money with this system if you can recruit people. I like the fact that you can actually contact and get some leads from people in your moneyline, you can get some exposure from this platform although the conversion rate might not be very high.


Final Verdict

Is Global Moneyline a scam? I would say no. It is MLM marketing and the system  emphasizes on recruiting but you can actually earn from this product if you can get people to sign up. What I like about it is the opportunity to promote your product even though the chance of you converting might be low you can still have some exposure if you are looking to generate leads.

Feel free to try it out for yourself if you have any questions leave me a comment below
moneyline leads/ list

Finding the right keyword for your website

Looking for the right keyword for your website? Here are some steps you must follow in order to succeed.

Finding the right keyword for your website is a very important aspect of your online business. As a website owner you have to understand the process of how to find the right keywords for a website.


Introducing Jaaxy

One keyword tool that I would recommend is Jaaxy. In my opinion Jaaxy is on of the most powerful Keyword tool out there. It has help me a tremendous amount with my online business.

While many other keyword tools out there are providing you with a lot of different types of data when searching for a keyword, it can get pretty confusing with all the metrics. Jaaxy has made finding the right keyword easy and simple. Jaaxy provides you with simple to read metrics.

A few things that are important to me when looking for a keyword:

  • How much traffic does the keyword get
  • How much competition does the keyword have

Jaaxy captures these 2 metrics accurately unlike a lot of the other keyword tools out there.

Here is an example below is a search for men’s tennis shoes. In the avg column you can see the average number of searches that keyword receives every month.

The next column is the average amount of traffic you will received if you achieve first page ranking in the search engines.

The next column is the QSR, which is the short for quote search result. This is an important metric that gives the number of competing websites ranked in google under that specific keyword. Even has a KQI (keyword quality indicator), another useful metric that can help you choose the right keyword.



You can try it here for free.




Important keyword tips to follow

  1. Targeting low competition keywords. Too much competition in A Keyword can affect you getting ranked in google, you will have a better chance increasing your traffic and ranking in the top pages in google with Low competition keywords. Not ranking in the top pages of google means low traffic. Jaaxy allows you to see your keyword’s QSR. (QSR known as quote search result) QSR allows you to see exact number of competing pages in google. Very useful tool. I usually aim for under 300 QSR keywords to have a better chance in ranking.
  2. Getting Traffic. You must have traffic in order for your business or blog to succeed, aiming for the high volume search keywords will not help you if you are not getting ranked. It is a lot harder to get ranked in google using high volume keywords. I usually choose a keyword that has over 50 searches per month. You will have a better chance ranking in google. Once you start ranking in some of the lower competition keywords, your organic traffic will come. These low traffic keywords add up once you start ranking.
  3. Relevant. Your keywords must make sense don’t try to target so many keywords and lose focus on your content. It must make sense to your visitors.

Want to try it for yourself?

Type any topic or theme from your website and type it in the search box below. Follow my important keyword tips you and you will see better rankings going forward.

Try it!



If you have any questions about keywords please leave a comment below.


Breaking the 9 to 5 cycle



Escape the 9 to 5


I have always been intrigued by people breaking the normal work day cycle. Every day people are finding creative ways to create a living for themselves outside of the normal work day cycle, people are investing more in themselves finding and mastering their craft and putting it to work. Breaking out of that cycle is not easy, in my opinion building your own business and actually work for yourself is incomparable to working for a company and investing all your time and energy growing their business.

The vicious cycle

We go through this cycle of how we are expected to live our life. You go to school get an education learn a trade and find a career or job that pays your bills for the rest of your life. That is the goal. We deserve way more than that we just have to work to achieve it. There’s is nothing wrong with  having a job/career that you love. Do you actually love going to that job/career everyday? If you do that is great! And good for you, unfortunately not too many people feel that way about their job.



There are many reasons why people dislike their jobs, you can love what you do and still dislike going to work for many reasons.

  1. Supervisors/managers. I am sure a lot of us have dealt with horrible supervisors, Study has shown a great number of workers claim that their direct supervisor/managers have a significant effect on their level of engagement and satisfaction.
  2. Freedom and Time. You spend year after year working for a company and not investing much time on yourself. Imagine if you could put all that time working on your own business.
  3. .Quality time with family and love ones. This one is very important to me and I am sure it is to a lot of people out there. Many people wish they could spend more time with their families, be able to travel across the states and and connect with that long lost cousin or auntie they have not seen in years. The regular work day cycle can definitely break connections between families.


Invest in yourself

Investing in yourself is something I believe everyone should do. Why not create something for yourself and invest in starting your own business. Why not spend time finding your craft and actually put it to work? If there is something that you love to do you can create a business out of it. There is a saying that says “if you can create a business out of your passion you will not work a day in your life.”

I had my passion and did not know where to start on creating a business out of it until I found Wealthy Affiliate. It all started there for me and it has been an amazing journey. If you’re looking to start an online business even if you are not sure on what you want to start your business in. I highly recommend Wealthy affiliate.


Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions 🙂


WA get started

What is Upwork?

Is Upwork a legit way to make money online? Personal review from a Freelancer


Name: Upwork

Website: Upwork.com

Price: Free to join

Owner:  Stratis Karamanlakis, Odysseas Tsatalos

Score: 70 out of 100


What is Upwork?

Upwork is a global freelancing company formely knows as Elance-Odesk, based out of San Francisco California. Upwork is platform that allows clients to hire and work with freelancers remotely through the platform. With Upwork you can either hire a freelancer or look for online job opportunities as a freelancer.


While doing some research online I ran into Upwork which I have never heard of before at the time, it seemed like a very interesting platform so I signed up as a freelancer. I figured it could be a good way to earn some extra money online. It’s pretty easy to set up an account they ask for basic information and you choose what kind of work you would like to do they have a wide range of different job categories to choose from like blog writing,database administration, web content and a lot more.


Easy to Navigate Platform




I really like the concept of Upwork it is a good platform where you can find some talented indivduals with that said you can also run into some not so talented individuals as well. If you are looking to hire a freelancer it can be tricky because you do not know if you’re going to get what you are looking for. You can hire a freelancer that is charging 50 dollars and get a better result from the freelancer that is charging 25 dollars. You can kind of look at their track record but that is all you have to go by.


Upwork is a good opportunity to earn some extra money as a freelancer, although Upwork charges 20 percent fee of the jobs for the first $500 you make, the amount drop down to 10 percent then 5 percent once you have reached a certain amount of earnings.




Final Verdict

I would recommend Upwork as a freelancer, you can definitely make some extra money on your spare time. You do pay Upwork a fee on each job you do but you sign up for free and some of the jobs you get to make a proposal on how much you want charge.


making money online


Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions 🙂




What is Atrybox

Is Atrybox a legit way to make money online? Review from a User. See if it is worth your time. Here is my personal opinion.

Name: Atrybox

Website: Atrybox.com

Cost: Free

Score: 65 out of 100

What is Atrybox?

Atrybox is a fairly new User Testing website that pays you for participating in testing new products and sharing your opinion. Atrybox allows users across the United States to test products through phone calls, personal meetings and online testing.


Atrybox test invites

Atrybox is a company based out of New York, as of now Atrybox is only available for testers across the United States. It’s a very quick and easy process to sign up, they ask you for your basic personal information and kind of offer you to select different job and industry that is applicable to your job experience. They select you an send an invitation to test product based on what you select. Certain companies looks for specific people with specific experience.


test invitations

Atrybox seems like a very good way to earn some extra money.

While it’s a fairly new company, from my personal opinion it seems like there are very limited jobs to participate in. I’ve signed up with Atrybox for a few months now and I have only received 1 invitation, which I have missed the opportunity because I did not respond to the invite fast enough just my luck right? You get an alert through your email when you have received an invitation, you really have to act fast when you get an invitation.






I have sent an email to them asking why it seems like there is limited opportunities they were pretty good about responding and said that they are a new company they select people based on different filters, right now they have several companies that use their platform and working on getting more.



Atrybox seems like a really good way to earn some extra money online. Since it is a new company you are not going to be getting a lot of opportunites. I think there is definitely some earning potential with Atrybox, especially once they mature and become more popular.


Final Verdict

Since this is a very young company and I have not really had a lot of opportunities to test products. I am giving it a 65 out 100. I will have to keep an eye on this one to see what happens in the meantime, I would recommend signing up with Atrybox it is free to sign up you might have better luck getting more invitations than I did. Goodluck!


Leave me a comment if you have any questions 🙂



Best way to make extra money online

What’s the best way to make money online?



There are many different ways you can actually earn money online these days. I am going to give you some tips and  focus on one simple way you can make some extra money with spending little to no money. It’s going to take sometime and effort but once it is set maintaining it will be much easier and hopefully you will see extra money coming your way each month.


money on laptop

To start, like most online businesses you are going to need a website. It is not very complicated to build a website these days you can build a website here in a just few minute for free hosted by Wealthy Affiliate, I really recommend using Wealthy Affiliate If you are new to online marketing and you are not sure how to use Keywords and SEO you can learn step by step on how it all works with the courses they offer, you will learn  how to generate good traffic to your website and with great traffic means more revenue.

What is your favorite passion or hobby?

The next thing you should do is to think of something you are really interested in or passionate about, it could be anything like any product, sports, hobby etc… Got it? (Ideally you want to name your website something kind of related to your interest). Okay after you build your website you are going to need some content. Can you write a little bit about that thing that you enjoy? If you enjoy something it should not be too hard to write or talk about right? Now  we need some content, write naturally about that thing you like.


fishing rods on boat

So let’s say for example you love fishing and it’s your favorite hobby, you would want to write about some the best/newest fishing equipment out there or just write some tips or reviews on the equipment you personally use. You can build a lot of content from this, you can write reviews on what you think is great to use when you go fishing or things you don’t recommend at all. You should make a list of your top items you use when you go fishing like fishing poles, hooks, gear you use and make a list of some fishing equipment you don’t recommend. (This can apply to almost anything I am just using fishing as an example.)


Now write about some of your fishing experiences. Once you finish writing about them. it’s time to get to how exactly you are going to make some money online. No, you will not be selling anything directly to anyone. You are simply going to lend a hand on helping your consumer make a purchase online and earn some money while you are doing it.

Now the next thing you are going to do is sign up with the Amazon Associate program. (Check out how the Amazon affiliate program works)

(Example of the product link)

Since we are focusing on fishing equipment, go to Amazon.com and look up some equipment. Pick out the best fishing equipment in your opinion and write a review on these item, remember you are going to create reviews on fishing products that’s how you are going to earn money so make sure your review are easy to read and professional.



As an Amazon Associate  you can link to any product on Amazon and the products are linked to your unique affiliate ID. When you post your review of the product on your site, let’s say someone is doing a research on fishing equipment before they buy and they run into your review and click on you product link, banner or product image that’s linked to your affiliate ID when they click the link it’s going to bring them to that specific product to Amazon.com if they purchase the item you get a commission and if they purchase any other item while they are on Amazon.com you get a commission as well. The sales can really add up.


success depends on you


Once you have your site up it’s not very hard to maintain. You can really earn some extra money while you sleep. You website is up 24 hours a day so the potential of making a good income is there. Creativity with your content and reviews are important.


I hope this article can help you get started in earning some income online. If you have any questions please feel free to leave me a comment.

What is Amazon Associate about?

Is the amazon associate program legit? What is Amazon Associate About? Here is my personal review

Name: Amazon Associate

Price: Free

Website: Affiliate-program.amazon.com

Score: 85 out of 100




Introduction To Amazon Associate


What is Amazon Associates?


Amazon Associate is an affiliate marketing program that allows website owners and bloggers who signs up with the affiliate program to earn commission by referring customers to purchase products from Amazon.com by advertising on their blogs and websites.


Amazon Associates can advertise a product on their webpage by using a unique link, people follow the link to Amazon and the associate can earn up to 15% on commission when customers make a purchase.




How does it work?


It is a very simple process. Amazon provides you with several ways to link to Amazon.com from your site. You can add links or shopping adds to blog or webpage for millions of products.

You can link to a specific product from Amazon your link will include your Associate ID and you get paid for sales coming through your product link/ text link .


You can also use the Amazon graphical banners. Amazon offer different size and shape graphical banners that you can promote. They are very easy to add to your website or blog  and you earn the referral commission for every qualifying purchase that generates from your banner.


build a successful online business


Pros and Cons


  • Free to join
  • Easy to use
  • Access to millions of Amazon products
  • Endless earning possibilities


  • Very low commission starting at 4% (can earn up to 15%)
  • 180 days from sign to make a referral sale or your Associate access can be withdrawn



Anyone can benefit from this program. In order to be successful with Amazon associate you have to be creative on how you advertise products to your customers. Although the commissions are not very high, there is a high earning potential through volume, promoting high price items and if you can create a high amount of traffic to your blog or website.

You can create a website solely based on one product and if you can attract the right traffic to your websites you can really build a business with this program.  (Create a Free website here)


Final Verdict

I definitely recommend joining the Amazon Associate program. It has a lot of earning potential, you just have to be creative and find the right way to use it. It might take sometime and work to earn anything  if you’re just starting but if you can create a website that bring in decent traffic you’re in business, besides it’s free you have absolutely nothing to lose.


Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions 🙂







Is User Testing a scam?

Is User a legit way to make money online or is it  a scam? Here is my personal review from using this website. 

Name: User Testing

Website: www.usertesting.com

Price: Free

Score: 78 out of 100


What is User Testing?

User Testing is a very simple program that allows you to make money online by testing websites. This program takes a screen shot video recording what you are doing and what you are saying about the website, kind of like you giving a verbal feedback on what could make the website more user friendly and you get paid for doing it.


If you are looking to make some extra money take and you have a little bit of free time after or before work this can work for you. Each test takes about 15 to 20 minutes on average and you get paid about $10 dollars for each test. The longer tests pays more money. I have made a little over $200 dollars in a month before putting in  a little of time in the evenings at home. It’s not an insane amount of money but enough to cover some bills.



To get started you can just go to the website Usertesting.com, just sign up it’s free to join. There is a few of things you need to have in order to start.

  1.  Make sure you have some headphones with mic. You will definitely need a headphone mic that works properly.
  2. The sound quality have to be clear for the client, so make sure you are working in a quiet environment.
  3. Good communication skills. You are going to be talking throughout the process of testing a website, it is good to make sure that your clients can hear you clearly.

Pros and Cons



  • Very simple and easy to use
  • You get paid through Pay pal. They are very good with paying on time, you get paid every week from the time you complete any test.
  • Great way to earn some extra money online.


  • You have to be able to accept payment through Paypal
  • You have to be ready to take a test when it come through the website or someone else will take it. There is not a ton of tests out there.



 My final opinion

Is User Testing a scam? NO. User Testing is worth giving it a shot. You can make some side money every week. It’s pretty easy once you understand and get a handle on how the process works.

 Final Verdict

This is a good site to make some extra money you are not going to build a full time income from this website but you can earn a couple hundred dollars a month and after all it’s a free to join. If you are looking to build a business online Check out my #1 Recommendation Review  Wealthy Affiliate.



How to earn online with Affiliate Marketing


What is Affiliate Marketing about?

Is it possible to earn money online selling a product that you do not own? Yes! There are many different ways to earn money from products or services that you don’t necessarily own through affiliate marketing. I’m going to show you how to earn money online with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is the Fastest and easiest way to earn money online. It’s easy because with affiliate marketing you don’t have to own the product to sell it. You can actually make commission on a product that you do not own, you can really make a passive income just by promoting company’s products.

An affiliate program is an automated technology that allows you to promote products or services of other companies. As an affiliate marketer your goal is to drive business to the company’s website. The affiliate program usually provide you with a link or banner that linked with your Affiliate ID. The unique link they provide you with allows the merchant to track sales generated from your visitors and you received a commission from visitors that generates from your link.



A good thing about affiliate programs is that the buyer does not have to make a purchase at the time of the visit in order for you to get credit, you can actually earn credit and commission if the buyer comes back to the merchant’s website at a later time to make the purchase. If someone clicks on your affiliate link or banner they end up on the merchant’s website, let’s say after a few day they are sold on the product and decide to make the  purchase. You will still get the credit for the purchase because it was affiliated with your unique affiliate link.

How do Affiliate Programs work?

When someone clicks on your affiliate link from their computer, at the moment when they click on that link and the link takes them to the product on the merchant’s website a cookie gets recorded on the visitors computer. The cookie is like data that is recorded on a specific computer with the date and time that the product was viewed and in this case it would be linked with your Affiliate ID, this is how you would earn commission.

Some affiliate programs will keep track of your cookies for up to 365 days, so you can get credit for a sale even if they come back a year later.

How to join an Affiliate Program?

It’s easy to join an affiliate program. You can do this just buy doing a google search, you can search almost any company to see if they have an affiliate program, for example you can do a google search for Amazon affiliate program or Best Buy affiliate program.


There are several ways you can promote a companies product or service.

You can do this through:

  •   Emails
  •  Social Media (Facebook , Twitter etc..)
  •  Websites or Blog. Promote through your personal website or blog works best. (if you don’t have a website you can create one here in just a few minutes).

Affiliate Marketing can be a very effective way to make an income online. People have created full time businesses with affiliate marketing. There are so many affiliate programs out there that allows you to promote millions of products on the internet at no cost! There’s some programs  you can earn up to 75% in commission.

However it is not as easy as you think if you want to be successful, you really will have to put in the work and effort to be successful with affiliate marketing. It is not just going to happen by itself, you get what you put in. You have to be creative and really think outside the box and come up with great ideas to advertise different products.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave me a comment below

Is legal shield a scam?

Is legalshield a legit company? Is Legal shield a pyramid scheme? Here is my personal review on Legal Shield


Name: Legal Shield

Website: legalshield.com

Price: $99 to Join

Owner: Harland Stonecipher

Score: 40 out of 100


Introduction to Legal Shield

What is Legal Shield?

Legal Shield is a Multi Level Marketing company that sells legal service for a small monthly fee. If you decide to join there program you can begin selling membership to people and earn commission. The company changed the name from Prepaid Legal to Legal Shield in 2o11.



Legal Shield/Prepaid Legal Services

I first found out about legal shield close to 10 years ago. They were called Prepaid Legal at the time. I was introduced by a mutual friend, I remember How excited he was explaining it to me. I was skeptic about it. He offered to pay for my membership to start because he believed in the product, with nothing to lose I decided to try it out.

So I joined Legal Shield aka “Prepaid Legal”at the time. My mutual friend explained how the system works. He literally almost drew a Pyramid where you have a team on one “Leg” and another team on the other, he broke down the earning potential and the benefits of recruiting the “right people” to build this “dream team”. Also was equipped me with some literature and DVDs explaining more about it.

I remember doing some training and I remember how most of the training was solely on getting recruits and how briefly they went over the product. My Mutual friend was paying for my membership for months and I felt horrible not being able to get a sale, it was very hard to sale the product. You can make the product sound appealing but it simply was not a good product that people are interested. People would cancel the service left and right for different reasons, reasons like having to pay additional attorney fees when they  thought they were completely covered under the plan, Legal shield fail to explain that there service just provides legal advice, they continuously provide wrong information about their product. They do not provide enough information about their plan limitations.


I recently been reintroduced to Legal Shield again this year by one the barbers at my barbershop. He presented it to me as Legal Shield, at first I thought it was a different business opportunity but once he got into details it sounded more and more familiar. When he started telling me more and explain this business opportunity that’s when I found out it was Prepaid Legal that changed the name to Legal Shield. I quickly opted out of his offer and told him I was not interested.


Pros and Cons



  • Unlimited Access to Legal Advice



  • Expensive to Join
  • High cancellation rate
  • Very Limited service
  • Only provide Legal Advice, No court Representation
  • Income is based on the amount of people you recruit
  • Hard to cancel membership, they do not make it easy when you want to cancel your service a lot of people still get charged monthly even after they cancel your service.



Is Legal shield a scam? In my opinion, Yes. Why? because your income is solely based on the amount of people you recruit. Bad business opportunity.

The service they offer in the other hand is only good for advice, not really worth it to me if they can’t represent you in court.

Final Verdict

Will I recommend it to anyone? Absolutely not, especially not for the business opportunity. If you are looking for just the service it’s okay but I still believe there’s better business opportunities out there.

The beauty of being an Online Entrepreneur



If I was to ask you, What kind of career/job do you see yourself doing for the rest of your life? What would you say? For me I never knew What I wanted to do in life. I was good at different things I’m a pretty good cook I played soccer my whole life an ran track, won 3 state championships in track High School, pretty good soccer player. After a torn ACL during during College things changed for me. I couldn’t pursue sports anymore. So the thing I love and was passionate about was taking from me. So what do I do now?

Well from my years on this earth I have done a lot of different jobs, from retail to sales and the medical field. I can honestly say that there’s not a job/career out there that I can see myself enjoy doing for the rest of my life besides being a pro athlete (you and I both know that’s not going to happen) until I started looking into starting a business online.

I fell in love with the idea of having an online business with access to millions of people around the world right at my fingertips. What’s not to love about an online business? To be able to break away from the normal ways of the world and have your freedom is something I find really appealing  and being able to help others achieve the same goal would be really fulfilling and rewarding to me.chain-297842_960_720

Being able to work on your own time, anywhere you want not having to go to an office every single day and actually be able to live the life you want. Who wouldn’t love that? If you feel the same way I do, hopefully I can help you find the right path to achieving success

In my opinion, life as an Entrepreneur is not easy and at times you do work a lot more than 40 hours a week, but the beauty of it all is that you are working for yourself, you are your own boss. There’s no one to answer to but yourself. There’s no greater feeling than putting your hard work in your business. You are naturally happier, you deal with way less stress throughout your day. It’s really gratifying.


My final words to you is follow what makes you happy. Why spend a lifetime being unhappy? It’s your life, you call the shots, do whatever it takes to live your life how you want to live.



Some people die at 25 and aren’t buried until 75.
Benjamin Franklin

Feel free to leave me a comment thank you 🙂



Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit?

What is Wealthy Affiliate about? Is Wealthy Affiliate a legit way to build an online business?Find out what it’s all about, review from a user.

Wealthy Affiliate Review

Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Website: WealthyAffiliate.com

Price: Free Starter Membership (Start Free)

Price: Premium Membership $47/month

Owner: Kyle & Carson

Overall Score: 98 out of 100

Who it’s for: Newbie-Expert


Introduction to Wealthy Affiliate

Here is a program that can change your life. It definitely has changed mine.


I first ran into Wealthy Affiliate while doing some research on the internet on learning how to start a business online. After  spending a few months checking out some reviews on some other products, I found Wealthy Affiliate.  So just like any other products out there I wanted to see what Wealthy Affiliate was about.

As I am learning more about it, I notice  how great the reviews were. People really like Wealthy Affiliate, I remember running into nothing but positive reviews. At that time I made up my mind that I had to try it out for myself.

So if you were like me, looking for a way to start a business online and you ended up here. I going to show you exactly why Wealthy Affiliate is probably the best way to go to build your business online.

I will tell you right now that there is nothing like Wealthy Affiliate out there. Wealthy Affiliate is for every one you really don’t need to know much about online marketing or building an online business.

What is Wealthy Affiliate about?

Wealthy Affiliate is a community and service for entrepreneur or newcomers looking to take a step in entrepreneurship.  I started without having any ideas on what I wanted to do, had no idea what kind of business I wanted to start, with Wealthy Affiliate you really don’t have to have a lot of knowledge on creating an online business. You will learn everything as you go through the lessons. You will learn how to create your very first website in seconds. 


Here are some of the reasons why people love WA.

  • The Training process to get started is painless, they really break down the training for you the moment you get started.
  • Easy to follow Video training, Tutorial training and Courses
  • Reliable secure and Fast Hosting
  • 2 Free Well Designed Websites
  • Access to Industry Experts
  • Spam Free
  • Full Interactive classrooms

guy using laptop

Completely Free to Get Started (No Credit Cards Required)

Trying it out for free was big for me, anytime you can offer me to try a product before I buy is always a good sign for me.

Wealthy Affiliate is a community and service that gives you the opportunity to build a business online. All you have to to is follow the step by step training they offer and you will be well on your way to starting your very own businesss.


What exactly will you be doing if you join Wealthy Affiliate?

You will have the opportunity to follow multiple paths based on what interest you. Wealthy Affiliate will show you multiple ways that you can an earn an income online.


A Few things about Wealthy Affiliate….

  1.  Helping you take action. If you have a passion or an idea Wealthy Affiliate encourages you to take action and help put your idea to work to get you on the right path to build a business.
  2. Help finding your Niche. What is a Niche? A Niche is an audience. An audience searches for things online, for example, What are the latest searches you did on google? Those are all Niches. The Niche will be based on your passion. Anything with an audience is a Niche.
  3. Building a Website. Wealthy Affiliate provides you with 2 free domain names using a site rubix sub domain. The premium Package allows you to have unlimited websites and hosting. You will create your website based on your domain name, you will learn step by step video instructions on how to build your site using a WordPress theme hosted by Wealthy Affiliate.
  4. Attracting Traffic to your Website. Wealthy Affiliate takes you to intensive and very detailed training courses on creating content. Quality Content generates traffic and with traffic comes Revenue.
  5. Revenue. Once you start getting traffic you will have multiple ways of earning Income, by promoting products through affiliate marketing.

Wealthy Affiliate will provide you with all the knowledge you need to be successful with your online business.

Below is the first phase of lessons you will go through when you are getting started, easy to follow with step by step video instructions.



Here is a video of what to expect when you first sign up.

Trainings lessons



How to claim your bonus…

When you join your free starter account you are going to have an opportunity to get almost a 60% discount off your first month as a premium member if you decide to go premium within the first 7 days of signing up as a starter member. Which means you will only pay $19 for your first month as a premium member.




From my personal opinion, I think anyone could benefit from Wealthy Affiliate. Whether you have a business idea and you’re looking for a platform/website to host your business or even if you’re a complete newbie and don’t actually have a clear idea on what you want to do, Wealthy Affiliate will point you in the right direction.

Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions.